• Kokedama Ball

    Kokedama Ball Care Guide

    Kokedama Ball Care Before we elaborate on the care for Kokedama, let’s discuss its anatomy. Kokedama balls are created using a clay rich soil blend that is covered with moss to help maintain its shape/ act as its case. All the elements used to make Kokedama balls are natural and organic matters. When caring for […]

  • What to Plant in March: Ultimate Gardening Guide for Spring

    As March arrives, signaling the early whispers of spring, the anticipation in the air is palpable for garden enthusiasts. This month presents a plethora of choices for planting, marking a pivotal moment when the gardening routine shifts into higher gear. The landscape slowly awakens, with plants and flowers starting their vibrant journey towards full bloom. […]

  • What to Plant in February for a Vibrant Garden Palette

    When deciding what to plant in February, the weather becomes a pivotal factor for gardeners, introducing a touch of unpredictability to the planning process. In some regions, the warmth encourages direct sowing, while others may face the gamble of frost or snow. Whether you’re able to step into the garden or find solace in indoor […]

  • Weed with Purple Flowers: Appreciating the Unconventional Beauty

    Embarking on a journey through the uncharted territories of neglected gardens and dismissed landscapes, I find myself irresistibly drawn to the enigmatic allure of weeds adorned with purple flowers. These botanical rebels, often relegated to the outskirts of horticultural regard, possess an innate charm that refuses to be overlooked. Their vibrant hues and overlooked intricacies […]

  • How to Harvest Romaine Lettuce: Pro Techniques and Tips

    Did you know that romaine lettuce, also known as “cos lettuce,” has been cultivated for over 5,000 years? This ancient leafy green has delighted palates across the ages with its crisp texture and refreshing flavor. Now, for those who might be wondering, romaine lettuce is a type of lettuce known for its long, sturdy leaves […]

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